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Things to carry in motorcycle for a woman, Woman Motorcycle Riders things in motorcycle, Must have things in scooter for girls

Have you ever encountered a situation, where in you are on your way to attend a party, but it is raining cats and dogs? Or someone has met with an accident and there isn’t much you can do, though you want to help the victim. Following are some of the things, can even be considered as essentials that a woman must carry in a two wheeler.

  • First Aid Kit: First aid kit with minimum accessories like Dettol, band aid, cotton, gauze and a pair of scissors is one of the essentials in the trunk of the vehicle. These things may come handy to you or a fellow rider/ driver in times of emergency.
  • Foldable Tote: With the ban on plastic bags these days, carrying one’s own carry bag comes handy when you get into the mood for shopping or feel like making road side shopping. Quite often working women who head back home after a day’s work at office, shop for fruits and vegetables at the road side. Thus carrying a bag can help you shop without the hassle of worrying how to carry them back home.
  • Gloves: Gloves protect one from sun tan. In fact, full arm length gloves provide uv protection and dust as well. Fancy leather gloves with crochet can also add a style statement in protecting the manicure fingers.
  • Empty bottle for emergency: It is always good to carry an empty bottle. This will come handy when you run out of petrol. You can always use the bottle to fill petrol from the nearest petrol bunk, instead of dragging the vehicle all the way.
  • Mobile Phone Charger: It is quite possible that the charge in your mobile phone would have got drained (without you noticing it) when you wanted it the most! To avoid being in such a helpless situation, it is wise, to always carry a mobile charger.
  • Umbrella: Umbrella is a must, both during rain and shine. Even if it is too sunny or if it drizzles, an umbrella can be a savior, provided you have a pillion rider with you, who can hold the umbrella when it is raining!
  • Flip Flops: It is always comfortable to be in flat slippers more so when riding a vehicle. After a long day at the office, while riding back home you can change into flat slippers and zoom on the road.
  • Raincoat: The use of an umbrella is limited only for drizzle to mild showers. However, if it is pouring cats and dogs then it is time to take out your raincoat. With the raincoat on, you can ride and reach your destination (of course if it is close by) without waiting for the rain to stop.

Carrying these essentials will not only help oneself but may also help a co rider or co-passengers in times of need. These will also give you confidence to deal with awkward situations with elan.

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